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Please turn off pop-up blockers*


Please ensure image files are less than 5 MB

1) Ensure you are registered at DivePhotoGuide

2) You may enter up to 3 images

3) Select appropriate number of entries and pay

4) After payment, you will automatically be directed to the upload page at DivePhotoGuide:

  • 1)To create a gallery, first Register on DPG, then go to your Profile page and click on the “My Galleries” tab. You can create a new gallery just for your contest entries, or if you already have galleries, add your contest entries to one of your existing galleries.

  • 2)After adding your contest entries to your gallery, return to the main Contest Submission Page (, and select the image(s) from your gallery or use the uploader. Entered images are shown as thumbnails under “My Entries” below.

  • 3)You can add/remove your entries at any time before the deadline by returning to this category submission page. To remove an entry, simply click on the thumbnail. Once you have finished entering your images, you can just close the window—your entries will be saved. (Note that the system does not send confirmation emails.)

5) Give yourself a hearty congratulations - because you are helping fight cancer!

* If you do not turn off your pop-up blockers, you may be limited as to payment mechanisms, may be unable to complete your transition, and/or may not be redirected to DivePhotoGuide


100% of the money we raise will go to the Guise Laboratory at M.D. Anderson


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